When disaster strikes, there will be those of us who are not prepared, and those of us who are more prepared than others. When that time comes, I will not be the guy with 5 gallons of water per person stored and ready to use, or have $2,000 in cash sitting in a “Go Bag”; I should be that guy, but naa.

However, WHEN the time comes, what I will have is an Emergency Radio, and you should too.  This trusty guide from Alan Henry of Lifehacker shows you how to pick the right one. All Emergency Radios you see at Walmart or Amazon are not equal, there are certain features you need to look for, as Alan suggests:

The AM is important: NOAA alerts are sent via AM radio, and while you may be able to use your radio to tune into local FM stations, if the disaster is severe, you may not be able to, and the longer range of AM radio will be required to get important information.

Hopefully most of you are thinking, “AM radio, no duhh”; however some of us, me included, did not know this… and I’m a licensed Amateur Radio Technician (hey ladies, you can reach me on my transceiver at KC3DMA).

So, before my wife pawns my radio transceiver, and you end up looking like a Weak Parent during an emergency; check out the full post How to Choose a Reliable Emergency Radio, where Alan specifically tells you which radios to buy and takes all the fun out of the hunt.

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