Ask yourselves these four questions:

1. What is the PRIMARY purpose of elementary, middle, and high schools?
a) To educate children
b) To babysit children so their parents can make money for others 

The scenario that follows is purely hypothetical.  Let’s say you work from 9am to 5pm, five days a week.  What if your kid’s school announced that due to low state exam scores and students needing extra one-on-one tutoring assistance from teachers, school hours have been extended to 6pm; but not to worry, because they will be provided a state funded dinner every night.  Would you be upset?

Now, let’s say the same school, instead, announced due to students exceeding all standards, and it now only takes a total of four hours to teach four lessons each day (because the kids are actually learning and paying attention), school now ends at 12 noon everyday.  Would this upset you?

In the first scenario, your kids (as well as all kids at their school) are doing poorly, but their school hours now match your work hours and you don’t have to worry about dinner.  In the second scenario, your kids are doing great (learning at the speed of computers); so great they are free to continue learning on their own after 12pm.  Aw shit, now you have to cut your hours to only work part-time, ask your boss if you can brig your kids to work, or pay more money for an actual advertised babysitting service?

Again I ask, what is the MAIN reason you have your kids in school; is it so they can learn, or is it so someone can watch them while you go to work?

2. Who is responsible for your kid’s education?
a) Teachers
b) The public or private education systems
c) The parent

How long would it take for you to teach your 8-year-old kid long division, from scratch? One hour? Two weeks? However the length, imagine you had to teach this to 20 kids at the same time, all built-in with different personalities and upbringings. Your methods would not be as efficient as they were with your own kid. Some kids would listen, until they are distracted by the eight others talking, five walking, three raising their hands for the bathroom, and one standing on top of a table.  It is now going to take months for this one lesson.

This is not a bad-mouthing of teachers.  Now that I understand the purpose of school and who is responsible for my kid’s education, I have (and have had) great relationships with their teachers.  Notes no longer need to be pinned to shirts.  Leave a voicemail, email, Facebook message, or SMS; just establish a non-threatening relationship with their teacher, get the lesson plan, and help Junior with it after school hours.  The base has been laid, now it is your responsibility to build upon it.

Now, with that being said, your kids education is YOUR responsibility… up to a certain point.  And when that point comes, hopefully sooner than later, Junior is responsible for their own education (hint: this transition should happen years before high school).  If they don’t get the message, please understand that college is not for everyone.  If Junior knew plumbing, I’d give them $100 today to unclog my bathroom tub and sink, and I’m sure there is at least one other who needs it in my neighborhood. Making that $200 a day does not require a $200,000+ college degree.

3. How good is Common Core?
a) Very good
b) Not good at all
c) Why does it even matter?

There’s a butt load (I’m sure using the term “butt load” withdraws any credibility this article may have) of arguments online in support of, and against, these Common Core standards that state funded schools have adopted.  I understand the arguments on both sides.  Though I’m leaning more towards one side than the other, I still end up asking myself… why does it even fucking matter?

Please refer back to the lesson above… Who is responsible for a child’s education? If your argument is pro or con to Common Core, then yes, get out there with some grass-roots organization and fight for your position.  However, when that smoke clears, make sure your kid has learned, and continues to learn, all the life lessons and skills they need to know.  If Junior is 8 years old and can’t read… YOU SUCK… not Common Core.

4. What is the primary purpose for EVERYTHING?
a) Money
b) Love
c) Respect

Why is your kid in school?… so you can go to work and earn MONEY, so the company you work for can make more MONEY, so your kid can get a job just like you and earn MONEY, so companies in the business of education can make MONEY. So, the next time you watch the news and you wonder why something is happening, or has happened, see if you can trace the root cause to money. If true, and this outrages you, and you can do something about it, then do it. If not, calm down, look inside yourself and fix the problem within your own house.

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