I’m a fan of teams who generally suck.  A Raider (no matter what city they are located) and a New York Knicks fan… double whammy.  This message is not only for the dad who trained his kids to STFU and fetch him beer and wings on NFL Sundays, but also for you.

When it’s halfway through the season, and our team is .500 or below, why do we continue to watch?  Why are we filled with great anticipation before the game begins, just to start bad mouthing them after every play?  It’s time to take a stand fellas!  Measure how your team looks right now, and honestly ask yourself… do they even have a chance to go all the way?  Now look over at Junior in the kitchen trying to melt string cheese over an electric stove, WITH THE PLASTIC STILL ON IT… amateur.

Who needs more attention, your shitty ass team, or Junior?  Everyone on your team is paid MILLIONS, and they have been playing this sport all of their lives… and they SUCK! Meanwhile, NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass are just sucking your money, time, and mental wellness away.

I know, I know… everything I’m saying is blasphemous, and I’d like for you to believe that my wife hacked my account and is typing this while I’m on the toilet… but that is not true.  The truth is, we are giving energy to something that is not giving us energy back.  Our kids already suck us dry, so let’s go waste our energy on our own damn, blood sucking, mooching ass kids, and not someone else’s millionaire kid. Who’s with me?!

By the way NBA season starts today… Go Knicks!… You Suck!… in the same breath.

Update (February 2015): Wow… I did not think the Knicks would suck this bad.  Good thing I wasn’t paying them any attention.

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