Becoming a dad can change your life in many ways.  Of course, it is not easy to juggle your job, family, and social life. It can even mean you do not get enough time for yourself, something that can take a toll on your personality and your health.  As a busy dad, you may have noticed you are feeling more fatigued than you used to be, unable to find the energy to engage in your hobbies and workouts.  Fortunately, with these exercises, that no longer has to be the case.

It’s time you get the workout you need, without sacrificing time with your kids.  Not only will you connect better with them, you will gain the energy and build the muscles you need to be a super dad.  Here are a few great ways you can get a great workout with your kids around.

The Toddler Toss

Parents around the world know how much kids love being tossed a little into the air.  Bend down while you hold your kid by the torso (and certainly not their arms) before you gently lift your baby a small distance into the air.  However, make sure you bend down, rise steadily, and make no quick movements.  Not only will this keep the small one happy, you avert hurting your back in the process.  As a safety precaution, I recommend you look up the definition and causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome before attempting.

Baby Bicep Curls

My kids are amazed at my strength (in comparison to theirs), and a great way to display this “super hero” strength… bicep curls.  Simply lift your kid as if they were a barbell and perform a bicep curl.  To make sure they love it, your wife doesn’t kill you, and the neighbor doesn’t call child services, give them a kiss every time you bring them up.

Stroller Interval Sprints

Make sure Junior is strapped-in well for this.  If you enjoy walking and running, consider a long walk/short sprint rotation while pushing the baby stroller.  Since you are pushing additional weight, you will not need to sprint uncontrollably, just increase the intensity a little.  Pushing the stroller helps you flex your muscles while you get an opportunity to move around a little.  But beware, dads strolling their cute babies will attract single women. Recommend you keep walking, unless you are single.

Trailer Hauling (Bike)

Various bikes are specially designed to carry your baby safely along with you while you bike.  If you’re an avid cyclist, and a super dad, this is for you.  You will love the experience and your kid will too.

Wax On, Wax Off

If your kids are old enough to wash the car, don’t make them wash it for you; wash it with them.  The circular hand movements, chasing your kids with the garden hose and the nice cool workout could be all you need to enjoy your workout without giving up “daddy time.”

If you miss your workout sessions and loathe the weight you put on after all the added responsibilities, these exercises will keep you fit and healthy.  At times, all you need is a little creativity and the willingness to spend time with your kids.

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