It is tough managing your family life with work and hobbies (Lord knows MEN need those). While you juggle your responsibilities, you may find you have no time left for yourself. However, the “all work and no play” situation can take a toll on people quickly and take the fun out of life. Despite what people may tell you, balancing your work, family and hobbies is still possible. Here is a closer look at the importance of balancing your work, family and hobbies, and how you can do so.

The Importance of Balancing Work, Family and Hobby

You cannot keep others happy until you are happy, no matter how hard you try to please the crowd. Therefore, it is equally important to be happy yourself and manage your life in a way that lets you make others happy too. For example, why not invite your family into your hobbies and achieve a balance in both?

Your family and work are both priorities above your own hobbies. However, that shouldn’t mean you sacrifice your happiness for both. Being unhappy hampers your efficiency at work , making you miserable when you come home and eventually affecting your family life.  It’s a vicious cycle.

As your family grows and you become a father, you may even have less time for yourself. It is not merely your financial responsibility that grows once you become a dad, you also have to devote more time to your family. If you can’t, your kids may not respect or love you as they grow older.

Switch Jobs or Hobbies as required

If your job is taking too much of your time (or not paying worth the effort), consider finding another job or at least select a job that pays well. Similarly, you can also find a hobby that does not occupy a lot of time and provides some happiness such as flying battery operated drones or driving AC race cars (battery charge doesn’t last long).

Combine at least 2 Elements

An easy way to balance your work, family and hobby is to mix at least 2 of them. Here are 3 great combinations you can use as examples:

  1. If you love basketball, make a game of paper toss in the office
  2. If you want to spend more time with the family, but enjoy fishing, take them on a fishing trip
  3. If you love your family and your hobby, work from home

Use Your Hobby to Earn Some Money

If you cannot give up the hobby you love, consider earning some cash from your hobby. For example, if you love painting, become a painter. If you love painting and are a mechanic, try painting cars with new designs. If you love fishing, try your luck on the seas as a fisherman.

Doing so will allow you to enjoy more time to your hobby, while still being able to support your family. Consider involving your family in your hobby and spend some quality time with them as well.

Balancing your work, family and hobby is relatively easier than you think. At times, you can switch jobs or a hobby, giving you more free time or money. If you cant’t switch your hobby, try involving your family in it. If you can’t leave your family or your hobby, work from home, or make money off your hobby. The possibilities are virtually endless. All you have to do is try to balance all 3.



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