This list is not all inclusive, so please add your recommendations to the comment section.  This list is also not specific for fathers; however if you consider yourself head-of-household, then I’m talking to you.  I’ve come across way too many kids and have wondered… dang, nobody taught you that!

Prepare Their Meals

This is a basic survival skill all dads should teach their kids once they are familiar with different food items and how they are assembled. As such, whether they are at school, home, or with friend, they will never really starve. Start by encouraging your kids to make snacks and gradually move to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can also take this opportunity to encourage your kid to adopt healthy eating habits and stay away from food that obviously will make them breath heavily while wide awake and staring at you.

How to Care for Their Hygiene 

Failure to maintain hygiene not only proves problematic for your kid, but for the other nostrils they’ve come across in any given time.  If that doesn’t concern you, then know that there are health consequences, often severe, associated with it. As such, if you want your kids to survive life, you need to teach them how to maintain good personal hygiene early.

Start with their oral hygiene and teach them how to use floss and brush their teeth. Teaching your kid how to maintain their overall hygiene will help them stay healthy, and survive in this civilized society.

Dress and Undress Independently

Dressing and undressing is yet another basic survival skill that helps your children grow independent. Though you may find it is taking longer than expected, continue to encourage your children to dress and undress themselves. Teach them what’s appropriate to wear at different events and locations as well.  Refrain from giving Jr. a subscription to GQ or COSMO, they don’t need to know how to match tie-blazer or belt-shoes, yet.

Make Their Own Bed

Whether they are at home or in a hostel, your child should know how to make their own bed. This skill helps them survive virtually anywhere and under almost any circumstances. To help your children survive, keep their room clean, and make your life easier, teach them how to make their own GOTDAM bed.  Sorry, this one is personal for me as my own kids are half-assing it… small improvements, Rome wasn’t built in a day [awkward laugh].

Basic Socializing Skills

No matter how much you or your kid tries to stay away from people, we live in a world where permanently staying away is impossible. As such, we need to teach them basic socializing skills at an early age. Teach them how to greet others, say please and thank you as common courtesy, interacting with others confidently, listen to others and provide feedback, play with other children, and recognize the feelings of others.

Get Help

At times, we may be left helpless, unable to call for help when required. As such, to keep both them and your children safe, teach them how to call for help.

These 6 basic survival skills will help your kids overcome the hurdles in life and survive it. All you need to do is find creative ways to teach them these skills.

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