Husband, Father, Brother, Friend, Sailor, Manager, Hacker, Learner, Teacher, and Jokester.  I’m not entirely one specific noun, but a combination of many.  My diverse and expansive background is what makes me (and this site) unique.  This site’s only objective is to share my journey and ideas with whoever is willing to listen.

My goals are to constantly improve my:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Mental Fitness
  • Spiritual Fitness
  • Financial Fitness

With these four fitness categories in check, I can achieve my definition of FREEDOM.

The titles that concern me the most… HUSBAND and FATHER.  Now, I’m not winning any HUSBAND/FATHER OF THE YEAR awards, but I’m learning… as we all should.  My purpose is not to be the best dad in the world, but to control my ego, count all my steps, and constantly improve ME and the FAMILY I’ve sworn to progress. So, in all I do, I’ll try my best to document it.

Overall, I’m not a WEAK PARENT, but I do have my moments.  If you are willing to share your experiences in PARENTING, PERSONAL FINANCE, and PRODUCTIVITY (my favorite subjects… coincidental they all begin with “P”), or can relate to anything mentioned here, please contact me using the form below.

Chris S.