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Addiction Battle – Fapping

There is an old addiction among us with a new name.  This new name has caused a re-evaluation of said addiction, and the new name is “fapping”. Fapping: To jack off or masturbate (i.e., Man i was fapping last night and totally jizzed all over my hands.) You could be in one of three phases of your […]

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6 Skills Every Father Should Teach His Kid ASAP

This list is not all inclusive, so please add your recommendations to the comment section.  This list is also not specific for fathers; however if you consider yourself head-of-household, then I’m talking to you.  I’ve come across way too many kids and have wondered… dang, nobody taught you that! Prepare Their Meals This is a […]

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Money Mistakes You Could Make In Your 30’s

Funny thing happened to me this week… I was featured in a Finance Blog and given the title FINANCIAL EXPERT!  No worries, I did not let this go to my head.  Instead, I strolled around in a three-piece suit with a Hello My Name is “Financial Expert” sticker, and demanded my wife cut the grocery budget down […]

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How to Balance your Work, Family and Hobby

It is tough managing your family life with work and hobbies (Lord knows MEN need those). While you juggle your responsibilities, you may find you have no time left for yourself. However, the “all work and no play” situation can take a toll on people quickly and take the fun out of life. Despite what […]

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The Busy Dad Workout Plan: Using Your Kids

Becoming a dad can change your life in many ways.  Of course, it is not easy to juggle your job, family, and social life. It can even mean you do not get enough time for yourself, something that can take a toll on your personality and your health.  As a busy dad, you may have […]

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Stay Connected With Family During and after Deployment

Does your job keep you away from your family?  Whether working long hours, or long deployments, you have to do your best to still be there for them.  A decade or so from now, your kids are going to have some type of mental scar, and the scar I’m mostly concerned about has a name… […]

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