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Winning vs Losing: Should Every Kid Get a Trophy?

While growing up, my favorite sport to play was basketball.  I wasn’t a great basketball player.  To best describe my B-ball skills, I was mostly “okay”, and sometimes “good”.. but I played a lot and enjoyed it.  In the 7th grade, I was the “scrub” on a team of great players. However, when the season […]

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Sex Education for You and Your FAST Teenager

There isn’t a Dad on earth eager to hear that his teenage daughter is “bumping uglies” or “knocking boots”.  One minute she is 11 and thinks boys are “gross”, the next she is 15 and worried more about hair, eyebrows, and makeup than breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It is  difficult  to watch her go through […]

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Avoid Bad Investments with a 5 Point Check

As a Weak Parent and just your normal around-the-way sucker, I have led this family towards $160,000 in bad investments… that’s a lot of Air Jordan’s.  I always learn from LOSING, and so should you.  These are the questions I now ask myself before taking a costly leap (or plunge):

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How to be a Dad When Your Team REALLY SUCKS

I’m a fan of teams who generally suck.  A Raider (no matter what city they are located) and a New York Knicks fan… double whammy.  This message is not only for the dad who trained his kids to STFU and fetch him beer and wings on NFL Sundays, but also for you.

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Disaster 101 for the Weak Parent – Emergency Radio

When disaster strikes, there will be those of us who are not prepared, and those of us who are more prepared than others. When that time comes, I will not be the guy with 5 gallons of water per person stored and ready to use, or have $2,000 in cash sitting in a “Go Bag”; I should be […]

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A Weak Parent’s Guide to Your Kid’s Education

Ask yourselves these four questions: 1. What is the PRIMARY purpose of elementary, middle, and high schools? a) To educate children b) To babysit children so their parents can make money for others 

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