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Know Your Rights – When Encountering Law Enforcement

In light of recent events, I decided it was time for this Weak Parent to refresh his memory on our rights when dealing with law enforcement.

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The Basics of Ballin’ on a Budget

I love sharing ways to save and build money. Strangers either love me or hate me as I may ask about their financial situation within minutes of meeting, then tell them about mine. This is not to be rude or obnoxious, but to share… because one of us may learn something. Here is the path (in […]

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How to Cut the Cable Cord and Still Watch Sports

To “cut the cable cord” is metaphorical, and not as difficult as it may sound. Some believe this to mean their living room entertainment is now restricted to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Blue Ray, and DVD’s; while others, no TV at all. Neither is the case when it comes to TVAddons 

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10 Lessons Learned for New Dads

Some of these lessons were learned from previous dads, and some I had to learn on my own. There are endless words of advice I can give to a new dad, but if I had to pick ten right now… this would be the message:

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So Your Kid Hates You

Yes, your kid hates you… Why is that? The first and only thing YOU can do to help your kid love you again is to assess and correct YOURSELF!  Read that last sentence again, as it is worth repeating. Okay, let’s assess YOU:

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Let’s Put This Issue To Bed

That Weak Parent Moment:  The end of the day has come, departmental project complete, soccer practice over, dinner digesting, and all kids showered.  However, all is NOT DONE.  The kids are teleporting around in pajamas and what appears to be the Holy Ghost, or the type of motivation that only 5-Hour Energy can provide.  Either way, why […]

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