Your mama’s so stupid, she called Alcoholic Anonymous when she found out you were HOOKED ON PHONICS.

– School Yard ‘Yo Mama’ Joke

As a kid this joke applied to me, because I was a customer to the Hook On Phonics program.  It was a mandatory requirement for spending summer months with my grandmother in New York.  Thanks to this program, I would amaze other students of how fast I could read.  Unfortunately, I comprehended none of it and despised reading.

That was until a great mentor and savior of mine, Karnella Barnes, mailed me a book… and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was the year 2000, and I was in Navy Boot Camp.  I used whatever free time I could find to read paragraphs of this book, and since then developed a LOVE for reading.

Now, I’m not a reader of FICTION (unless it’s the Walking Dead comics), or history.  I prefer books aimed at teaching me something, or making me better informed on a particular subject.  So, if I read a new book (or remember an old one) that has helped me… I will highly recommend it on this page.